Thursday, August 27, 2009

Net Books

I have an Acer Net Book and I just love this little machine. I keep it next to my easy chair just to read email and do a few quick searches. I also write to my Blog and post to FaceBook over my WIFI (wireless Network). It is light wait and small, nice for me, but you may not like it because it has no CD/DVD drive. So if you do not have a home network it is hard to load programs from CD. If you have another computer with a CD ROM and a wireless connection to that computer you can use the CD ROM from it. But if you don't, plan on buying a external CD/DVD USB drive at a cost of $50 to $75. While your there getting the external CD drive get a thumb drive with as much storage as you can afford. Now think about the cost, 50 - 75 for the drive, 35 for the thumb drive, 250 to 350 for the Net Book, it adds up to a nice low end note book. All your gaining is small and light weight. Think it over as it may not be for you.