Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween photos from Versailles

Photos have been posted to the Web

Internet's 40's birthday 10/29

Why do we today celebrate today - October 29 - as the internet's 40's birthday? Because on this day in 1969, what would later became known as the internet was used for the very first time - and crashed. Read More

Yes I remember the old "Dialind", I was one of the 1st 10 to access the net here in Ripley County. It was all text no images at all. You may dial in 100 or more times before you received a connection. I think there were only 10 lines, so you had to wait your turn. ..... jack


Halloween (also spelled Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is largely a secular celebration but some have expressed strong feelings about perceived religious overtones.[1][2][3]

The day is often associated with the colors black and orange, and is strongly associated with symbols like the jack-o'-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wall Street Crash of October 29 1929

The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash or the Stock Market Crash of 1929, was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, taking into consideration the full extent and duration of its fallout.
Four phrases—Black Thursday, Black Friday, then Black Monday, and Black Tuesday—are commonly used to describe this collapse of stock values. All four are appropriate, for the crash was not a one-day affair. The initial crash occurred on Thursday, October 24, 1929, but the catastrophic downturn of Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29 precipitated widespread alarm and the onset of an unprecedented and long-lasting economic depression for the United States and the world. This stock market collapse continued for a month.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows 7 a nightmare

I bought Windows 7 Pro and have been trying to get everything working. My conclusion, "don't do it", lots of programs do not run correctly under Windows 7 but run perfect under XP. I will be going back to XP when I rest up from the eight hour nightmare.

Update next day
After 4 1/2 hours of reloading XP and the programs I use daily I am back to where I was before Windows 7. I think most would not have the problem I had as I do use some dedicated software in my business that you wouldn't.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Biggest and Meanest Dog in the USA is no more

We have not only lost Soupy Sales 1926 – 2009, but White Fang as well. I can remember as a kid imitating the growls of White Fang.

White Fang, "The Biggest and Meanest Dog in the USA," who appeared only as a giant white shaggy paw with black triangular felt "claws" jutting out from the corner of the screen. Fang spoke with unintelligible short grunts and growls, which Soupy repeated back in English, for comic effect. White Fang was often the pie thrower when Soupy's jokes bombed. See White Fang on YouTube

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indiana Troopers Association - Scam

The number 866-298-4454 is from the Indiana Troopers Association and they do ask for a specific member in the family.....They want money!!!! That's all it is.....Don't be afraid to answer it and tell them to stop calling your number if you are on the Do Not Call Registry. They have called my number for two weeks straight and finally I answered it and told them to stop the annoying and harassing calls or they will be reported. I would call the Indiana State Troopers Association and report this number because they are not calling on behalf of the Troopers!!!!
Never give your credit card number over the phone unless you originate the call.

If you would care to donate and make sure it gets to Indiana Troopers Association (the full amount) send your donation to:
Indiana Troopers Association
117 West Maumee
Angola, IN 46703

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Big Foot

The Patterson-Gimlin film (also referred to as simply the Patterson film) is a short motion picture of an unidentified subject filmed on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson (Wall, South Dakota, February 14, 1926 – January 15, 1972) and Robert Gimlin (Missouri, October 18, 1931) who claimed the film was a genuine recording of a bigfoot. The film has been subjected to many attempts both to debunk and authenticate it. Some qualified scientists have judged the film a hoax with a man in an ape suit, but other scientists contend the film depicts an animal unknown to science, or cryptid, claiming it would be virtually impossible for a human to replicate the subject's gait and muscle movement.

Both men have always dismissed allegations that they had hoaxed the footage by filming a man wearing an ape suit; in fact, Patterson, who died of cancer in 1972, swore on his death bed that the footage was authentic and he had encountered and filmed a large bipedal animal unknown to science. Patterson's friend and business associate, Gimlin, has always denied being involved in any part of a possible hoax with Patterson and claims that he and his partner had encountered a real bigfoot. However, Gimlin avoided publicly discussing the subject from at least the early 1970s until about the year 2000 when he began giving interviews and making appearances at Bigfoot conferences.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Colin Powell makes critical mistake on Oct. 19th 2008

Retired Gen. Colin Powell, a Republican who was President George W. Bush's first secretary of state, broke with the party and endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president, calling him a "transformational figure" during an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cpl. Weare - Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana

Cpl. Leora McKinley Weare
Leora was born in Versailles, IN on February 3rd 1894. He was called by his country into the US Army September 20th 1917. Embarked for France on May 17th 1918 with Co. M, 120th Infantry, 30th Division. Corporal Weare was Killed In Action September 29th 1918 at the front line trenches near Ste. Quentin, France on the Hindenburg line. He is buried in the "Old Hickory Cemetery", the American part of the British cemetery. Cpl. Weare was the first soldier from Versailles to pay the ultimate price for his country. He was twenty-four years old. Our Leora Weare, Legion Post #173 was named in his honor.

Below taken from

Leora McKinley Weare, Infantry, 30 th Div., KIA St. Quintin, Ripley County , Indiana

“Hiked to Belgium from Eperlocques, July 4, 1918. Reached Watteau, Belgium on July 4. Went to Lyons and relieved the British soldiers in the trenches between Ypres and Kimmel Hill. Held the trenches for 17 days, going in on the July 15 and coming out August 2, 1918. Rested at Watteau, 4 days. Returned to the trenches for 20 days more. On August 3st, captured Voormezeele with several prisoners and guns.

Left Belgium on September 5, 1918. Went in box cars to Roelle-court, France. Was attached to the Second British Army and trained until September 17th. Moved South to Trencourt, Sept., 22, and took over first line trenches from the Australians on Sept 23rd and 24th. Held this position until September 29th.

On September 29 th, 1918 the 30 th American Division, 27 th American Division and 46 th British Division on the right, the 30 th in the center, assaulted the Hindenburg Line which at the point of the assault curved in front of St. Quintin and was considered by the Germans to be unbreakable. The 60 th Brigade, the 119 th and the 120 th Infantry, supported the 117 th and 118 th Infantries, American troops, 30 th Division, attacked at 5:50 AM and captured with the tunnel system, the German troops holding the city of Bellecourt with five adjacent smaller towns and two entire German Divisions were defeated. 147 officers and 1,434 soldiers were taken prisoners.

Co. M went into the fight with 218 men, came out with 49. Fifty-two were killed, 17 wounded. Ora Weare was killed by a high explosive shell. He was hit in the back and suffered a double fracture of the leg.

The dead were buried on October 2, about 200 yards of the wall of St. Quintin, 3 Ripley County boys, side by side as they fell.

Researched by:
Jack Demaree
Historian for Versailles Legion Post #173

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oct 14, 1947 Chuck Yeager breaks sound barrier

Flying at an altitude of 45,000 ft in an experimental Bell X-1 rocket-powered aircraft, American test pilot Chuck Yeager (pictured) became the first person to break the sound barrier.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus day

Many countries in the New World and elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas, which occurred on October 12, 1492 in the Julian calendar
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Barcode 57 years old 10/7/09

New Google Logo Celebrates The Barcode? - Google's new logo is a barcode which, as far as we can tell, says "Google." Today is the 57th anniversary of the first patent on the bar code.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Backup your contacts from Outlook Express

One of the biggest wows of a crash is "Oh no I lost my address book" Read and do the back up before the crash. Remember, its not if, its when. Be safe and be ready, it will happen to you..... Jack

Especially if you have used Outlook Express for a while, you probably have plenty of contacts; losing your address book could be disastrous. This tutorial will show you how to backup your contacts from Outlook Express' address book.
See how here

Identity theft - Just opt- out with Google

By Stephanie Small

Identity theft is something everyone fears these days. With the invention of the Internet, people can simply search for your personal information and even find out where you live.

That's why, as this hilarious video explains, Google invented its new "opt out" feature. It allows people to move to a remote village, where they're unable to contact anyone from the outside world. It's even invisible to Google Maps, because the city is contained in a metallic box. Finally, the answer has arrived for the utmost in identity protection! Play the video