Thursday, December 27, 2007

Troy Hooton Versailles Video

I just received a phone call from Delores Hazzard (Troy's Daughter) and she was unhappy with the Troy Hooton video on YouTube, I will be removing it from YouTube. She did say I could leave it on but I feel it best to remove it. I'm sorry if I have caused a problem with the YouTube version I edited and uploaded. My only intent was to let people see Versailles as it once was 50 years ago by putting it on YouTube.

She advised me I had changed the background music and she, not a company in Columbus, had converted it to VHS format. The music was changed because of the many editing cuts for YouTube. I was told by a relative of Mr. Hooton that the conversion to VHS was performed by a video company in Columbus, Indiana. I must have misunderstood.

I will not be editing, duplicating, or distributing any further copies in the future. She also informed me that the Tyson Library, Versailles, has the original copy by Mrs. Hazzard.

I sincerely apologize for any problem I have caused to anyone in this matter.

Yours Digitally,
Jonathan (Jack) Demaree
Versailles, In.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MagicJack VOIP

MagicJack is a newly offered Voice over IP (VOIP) device that has just launched. In a perfect world you can purchase this small device for $40 plus shipping, plug it into your broadband internet computer via the USB port then any home phone plugs into the MagicJack. The company states you will be making unlimited calls both local and long distant for free. After the first year you must renew at $20. Yes I said year. "To bad this is not a perfect world". You receive a phone number so people can call you but I found the area codes are sparse, No Indiana codes at all were in the group. I picked a phone number in or near Cleveland Ohio. This is not a real big drawback as I will be making calls not receiving calls. People calling me can just call my regular phone number as they have always done in the past. I found that when I plugged MagicJack into the computer nothing happened at all. My computer did not recognize it at all. I tried another computer and nothing. I then plugged in a powered USB hub, then the MagicJack into the hub. This time the computer recognized the device and went onto installing the software and upgrade it needed to activate. You type in a few questions it asks like your address for 911 & what area code you want. I found that after the install using the hub it would work without the hub, Why ? I don't have a clue. In the left pain of the software window that is displayed you can click to have it open your browser. This will not work on my system. It opens up Internet Explorer but I use FireFox as my default browser. As a work around I copy and past the URL into FireFox and it displays the the URL OK. I called a few people both long distance and local finding I could hear the party I was calling perfect, but the person that was called said they could hear a clicking noise on their end. I found the quality as good or better than a cell phone connection. By the way I called a cell phone number and it worked OK but it dropped out a few times but it was the cell phone's problem as the party was in a fringe area. I also found there is no voice phone contact to the MagicJack company. It has no email address either. If you want to return it before the 30 day trial is up you are in for a surprise as it took me the best part of an hour to get a return authorization number (RMA) to send it back. Here is the URL to obtain the RMA:
Make sure you keep your sales slip (print it out) and everything that comes in the package, as you must send all of this back for a refund. Send it to:

magicJack LP
PO Box 6846
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

To sum MagicJack up, If you are a advanced user and consider yourself a somewhat geek MagicJack might be for you. But my advice would be to wait for improvments..........jack

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I love to listen to fifty and sixties music, I'm open to other types of music as well. I do play some classical records from time to time. Glenn Miller was searching for that new sound and found it several times with such songs as "Tuxedo Junction", "American Patrol", and my favorite "In the Mood". He once said,"A band ought to have a sound all of its own. It ought to have a personality." I found a group by the name of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. They have the new sound and it is loaded with personality. I think no matter if you are a teen or an old geezer like me you will like their sound. My wife tells me they have been around for 6 or 7 years. I guess I don't get out much. I think you can listen to 25 of there songs for free at:
Buy a CD, you won't regret it.
There is a YouTube video with "Wizards In Winter" (Instrumental) with Christmas lights keeping time to the music. A large number have seen this video but not knowing the composer. It can be seen/heard at:
or some other videos at:

Friday, December 21, 2007

HD TV & HDMI inputs

The new HD televisions have HDMI inputs for satellite, blue ray, and game consoles. Instead of RGB cables, or composite cables, an HDMI cable can deliver much better quality video and audio in one simple plug. Considering Hi Definition is still in its early days I wasn’t expecting a cheap tag. But when I got to the store I was stunned to see the price tag… $100 for a HDMI cable! This couldn’t be right, but there were no other cables in the store, so I went onto eBay and searched for HDMI cables, and I found a bunch for only $5 plus shipping. Wal-Mart had them for $20 and up. So what’s the difference?

After trying the cheaper one myself, I can say there is almost no noticeable difference in quality. When you buy a $100 Monster HDMI cable, all your really buying is a designer cable, one that looks cool with the Monster Cable logo on it. But if you’re like me, you don’t spend your day LOOKING at your cable; you just want it to use.

Don’t get suckered into paying too much for your cables. An HDMI shouldn’t cost you more than $20, and you’ll be getting something that is almost the same as a rip off Monster Cable. The only true benefit to getting one is the fact that it might be a little bit thicker than a cheaper one, making it harder to break. But since its something that just hangs there, it’s not worth your money. My advice is to shop around.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

KM Player = audio/video

Software audio/video player with an extraordinary array of built-in audio and video decoders. The KM player has impressed me and is now my default a/v player. You'll need to install Real player or the free RealMedia Alternative codec to play .rm, .rmvb, etc. files, but it supports nearly everything else natively, including Quicktime formats. Did I mention it is free ?

Get it here:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Read directions first before you start....

You must hold the left mouse button down to go up...release to go down...MOST DIFFICULT

Some people have worn their finger out on this. If you are working for a living, do not forward to your co-workers.. The rest of the day will be useless to the company..

Think you can fly a helicopter? Click on the link below and give it a whirl!

Fly a helicopter

Thanks L.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Why Your Electronics Suck (Energy)

Your DVD player is wasting energy. Chances are, so are your TV, audio/video receiver, video game console, desktop or notebook computer, printer, scanner, fax machine, cell phone charger, cordless phone system, microwave oven and more.

How can that be? As long as they’re plugged in, most of these electronics are still using electricity when they’re turned off. That’s right, as in OFF, which is supposed to mean OFF—except in this day and age, when apparently OFF means something can still draw power. And that costs us money, wastes energy and contributes to our global warming problem. (More than 40 percent of all global emissions of carbon dioxide, a leading greenhouse gas, is caused by electrical power plants.)

Read the rest of this article

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas food & toy distribution

Again this year the Versailles American Legion along with others are preparing for the annual Christmas food & toy distribution to the needy. Our Post 173 would like to welcome Ohio Rod as a sponsor this year. I have posted a few photos that were taken the day of delivery from United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Thank you goes to Kroger Co. for furnishing transportation. Super-Val of Versailles provides perishable goods for delivery. A big thank you goes out to our sponsors & individuals that help with this service to our community.
See the photos at:

Two short years

It has been 2 years sense I started this Blog, I did have another one of my own that was sent out via email. It was very hard to track and lets face it no one wants to sign up for anything on the Internet, the boogie man may get you. Google's Blog fills the bill very nicely as you can read it or not read it, its your choice. It seems I have a very small but faithful following that seem to ask for help, make suggestions, and yes tell me to drop dead. If you are one that reads this Blog often I just want to say thanks. I hope I can go for 22 ! ........jack

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Victory at Sea"

If you are an ol' timer like me you'll remember the TV show "Victory at Sea". I have about 16 hours on VHS tape that needs to be converted to DVD, may be I'll get that done on a cold snowy day soon. Any way if you remember this program there was always great music in the background played by the United States Navy Band. You can hear it again on this Web Page:

Here is the Special "Extra-long" Theme you can listen to now:
Symphonic Scenario - MP3 ... 1.8M

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Every year I get this same question, so here is the replay:

You seem to be able to find things on the Web that others can't, so where can I find the song or video of Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas lights. I was told it was on the Web but I have not had luck locating it. Where is it ye ol' Google man ?

You Tube has the video at:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Screamer Radio

My Geek friend John alerts me of great little Radio player for Microsoft Windows. Screamer Radio is a freeware Internet Radio player. It will replace Windows Medea Player and is much simpler to use. There are presets to choose from or ad your own. Record what you hear is a super feature.
  • It's easy to use
  • It's not bloated
  • It's ad free
  • It has no spyware
  • It has a huge database of radio stations
  • It has a cool peak meter ;)
  • You can easily record what you're listening to
  • You can hide it in the system tray
  • You can play back on multiple soundcards
  • .. and it's free!
Get it at:
John also reports that my Police scanner works perfect with this program.
Just type in under > file > Open URL
Thanks John for the great tip............ jack

Friday, December 07, 2007

Attack on Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a pre-emptive military strike on the United States Pacific Fleet base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Empire of Japan's Imperial Japanese Navy, on the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941 that made the United States enter World War II. Two aerial attack waves, totalling 350 aircraft, were launched from six aircraft carriers with the intent to destroy the United States Pacific Fleet.

read more at:

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dial Up & YouTube

I'm using a dial-up connection and can't play the YouTube videos. Is there a work-around for us non broadbanders ?
If on dial-up and your connection is to slow to view a YouTube movie there is a trick you can perform to show the flick.
After the movie starts click the "Pause" button. Notice the red bar that will appear in time. Wait till the red bar reaches the end of its track. This may take several minutes. This is called "buffering". Now click "play" and if your computer is up to speed the movie will play without stopping to re-buffer (or catch up).
Thanks Bob B for your question............. jack