Sunday, July 24, 2016

Icom IC-7300

Icom IC-7300 Scope screen
I have had a very painful shoulder for about two weeks but it is getting better. This has been a bummer as I have a new Ham radio transceiver and have not been able to turn the knobs. Today I  was able to put it to use in the JT65 digital mode. I can just click the computer screen then set back for a minute or two. I made a contact in North Carolina with 20 watts, then I turned down the power output to two watts, called CQ and a fellow from Ill. answered me with a very good report. I called again and then a QSO developed from Mo. The Icom IC-7300 digs out the signals slightly better than the Kenwood TS-590 that was used before. It always  amazes me just how far such little RF power output can go. Well I called it quits for awhile, I may try it again this afternoon on 20 meters for some European contacts.
Thanks to all readers for your concern. I'm getting better, it is just going to take a few more days..... Jack

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where is he ?

I do not have very many people that follow this Blog daily, but a few loyal readers have ask, "Why have you not posted anything in a few days"? I thank them for their concern. A quick short answer, I have a very bad hurt shoulder and it is even a painful chore to set before the computer for any length of time. I will be back posting information and goofy stuff soon. Thanks for your concern....... Jack

Monday, July 04, 2016

MX-P50A QRP power amplifier & Yaesu FT-817

Operating frequency: 80m 40m 30m-17m 15m-10m
Work mode: SSB CW AM,RTTY and FM-Reduced duty cycle
5W Input Power, 45W Output Power
Power Requirements: 13.8V 8A///Antenna Interface: SO-239 50Ω
MX-P50A hf power amplifier, for QRP transceiver, Improve signal. Can be used both as a base and mobile unit, Extremely Small Compact and light weight, Full integration with the Yaesu FT-817 using the supplied interface cable, The amplifier incorporates various protection circuits such as high voltage, front mounted LED display.

Just added this little amp to my 5 watt FT-817. When 5 watts don't cut it flip the switch and you have an added 40 or 45 watts. I have been using it mostly on CW but I have made a few SSB QSOs with great reports. If you want one look around for the best price. Mine was $155 but you can find them at all prices, even over $225.00. Shipped from China - takes about 2 weeks. Makes Ham Radio fun...... Jack WB9OTX

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Jack's Misc Pictures

I have so much stuff it is very hard to keep track of where it all is. I spent about 45 minutes this morning looking for this album, Well I found it and will put the link on this Blog so I can have a link to it. I hope it will be a little less time in finding  it from here. Do you want to see it ?

PaulHenge - Versailles, Indiana

The most mysterious temple in Ripley County appeared (almost) overnight. Located on Wwy 50, it looms over the fields keeping track of SUN time, a science long forgotten.
See the web page HERE