Friday, August 31, 2007

Indiana Ice Slideshow

Just testing a slide insert

pulling my hair out

About three days of pulling my hair out I am giving in and just realizing there is a hardware major malfunction in the design of the Compaq F500. The WiFi drivers were upgraded with what I hope was the correct ones as Compaq does not even list the F500 on there Web page. (I'd try to get out of it too!) It came with a total mess of trial (share ware) loaded on it and after removing all of it the best I could, Icons and bits and pieces remained scattered about the registry. A reg cleaner was used and this made other problems appear. After the restore for about the 3rd time I just loaded a virgin copy of Vista. This seemed to do the best fix so far, but the WiFi is still slow connecting if at all. Sometimes you must re-boot 3 times to get it to see the network. I did find if you hard wire it to the router with CAT-5 it works without a flaw. So if you do not have a wireless access point or wireless router you would fair very well with this computer. I wanted to up the RAM from 1 Gig to 2 Gig but found the machine only has two slots and they are filled with 2 separate 512K boards. This means you would have to remove and discard them replacing them with 2 one Gig cards (strips) at a cost of over $280.00. This is half the cost of the machine, therefor, out of the question. Alot of my little ad on programs that I have come to use everyday will not run under the Vista OS. The file system is very hard to look at, and I could keep going on but you have heard many times before about the quirks of Vista, believe me they are true. I did some research on loading XP on this machine and found there was a driver nightmare. Sound, video, nic, and probable much more. You must stick with Vista, Bill has gotcha again. To end, I have done all I can do, I am just going to try to live with it. It seems I have took a step back instead of forward by getting a newer computer. It's for sale at a discount price.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nightmare marches on

I just bout a a new Compaq notebook with Vista Home Premium, It has an AMD dual core proceser that runs at 1.7 Ghz. It has 1 Gig of memory. By the specks it should be a rocket compared to my old HP 4900, but its not. Why ? I'm trying to figure it out. Vista is somewhat the same as far as the user is concerned but the file system and deep down in the guts is much different. It is going to take some time to understand just what Bill was thinking about when he coded Vista. I find the built in wireless (WiFi) works much poorer and takes a lot of head scratching to connect. I find that it takes as long as five minutes to connect to my network from a cold boot-up even after it was configured to it. I'm going to put another 1 Gig. of memory in it and see if this helps to speed up the process. I do like the wide screen and light weight and the touch pad is very smooth. It took me 4 hours to un-install all the junk & trial ware that came installed on it. I crashed the OS completely in the process but I restored it from the 2 DVD disks I made then repeated the un-install process without a problem the 2nd time. Most all the big computer sales companies are too cheap now to provide the Windows OS on CD or DVDs. I bet it saves them at least 50 cents per machine. Make sure you burn the OS to dvd after you buy a new machine, believe me you're going to need them. I'm going to try a few things on this computer to get it going to the way I think it should be running. I'll keep you posted as the nightmare marches on...........jackDemaree.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Camera

I have just installed a new camera atop my Ham radio tower. It produces a very high resolution image and has extremely good night vision. It will be aimed at State Rd. 129 and South Main street through out the day till near sunset, Stratton - Karsteter Funeral Home is centered in the frame, then moved to Benham Rd. and South State Rd. 129, this move is because of sun angles. You can see the image at:
Scroll down the page till you see the two side by side photos. The new camera view is in the right frame. I wish to thank all of the nice emails and guest book entries received from all the people that were from Versailles, but now living afar. I'm glad I can give you a small view of your home town. By the way, leave a note in the guestbook as people love to read them........ Jack

Friday, August 17, 2007

World Sunlight Map

Watch the sun rise and set all over the world on this real-time, computer-generated illustration of the earth's patterns of sunlight and darkness. The clouds are updated every 3 hours with current weather satellite imagery.

get off the crack

My phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to know about email Spoofs and Phishing. Here is a page that covers eBay and PayPal spoofs. These are the most common but there are loads more. Read this:
A lady called just awhile ago to tell me she received an email telling she had just bought a camera from eBay and the payment was in question via PayPal. She tells me she has no eBay account and no PayPal account. My reply was hit the delete button. If you do not have an account how can you confirm your user name and password. Ebay, PayPal, or any other will "never never ever" ask for your password. Don't fall for these phishing trips and spoofs. Out of my 100 plus emails I receive each day at least 5 are spoofs, some are real good ones and I have to laugh to think that someone would revel this information to a company or widow in Liberia Africa who wants me to transfer money from her dead husband's bank account. Get real, and get off the crack, just hit delete !

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Troy Hooton Versailles Video

On a hot 90 degree plus day I stayed in and let the air conditioner blow watching the Nascar race and making a video that I have been wanting to produce for a few months. I'm not a cry baby but I want you to know when you view this video that it took 10 solid hours to get it so you could watch it. I made a few mistakes as I went along that I won't make on the next. You do learn from your mistakes. This project started with Troy Hooton's movie camera. It was color and this was rare in the early fifties, he was ahead of his time a little. In time the movie film was transferred to VHS by a company in Columbus Indiana. DVD players were not yet in every home. A few years passed and I was hired to convert the VHS tapes to DVD. I loved the movie so much that if I was allowed to keep a copy there would be no charge. Sense then I have made several copies of my master for friends. I now have digitized it for computers and uploaded segments to You Tube. I only took five minutes worth from the nearly one hour original for You Tube. I wish you could see the complete movie. Shoot you can, just stop by my home and I'll pop her in the player for you. In the mean time the You Tube version will have to do. You should have broadband to view it, but if you don't, next time at a friend's house that has broadband punch it up and watch it from there. Only five minutes of video but I'm sure you will like it. See it here:
See all my videos at:
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St. Paul Church at Olean, Indiana

One of my geek friends, Lydia Gardner, has almost finished creating a very nice page for the St. Paul Church at Olean, Indiana. Please view it from:

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are any intruders on you WiFi Network

Think your home or small office wireless network is safe? Do you have any idea whether there are any intruders on it? This free program is a great way to find out. It's a bit technical for novices, but will do no harm if you decide to use it as a learning tool.

Run RogueScanner on a PC attached to your network via Ethernet. (The program won't work in Windows Vista, so you'll need Windows XP.) When you run it, it immediately does a network scan, finding the wireless and wired devices attached to it. For each device, it lists the unique MAC address (a kind of serial number), the IP address, the manufacturer if it can figure it out and model number if it can find that. It also tells you what kind of device it is, such as a router, printer, PC, and so on. And it will also flag any suspect devices it finds.

Just compare the information it finds to what you know of your network. If there are any wireless devices connected that you don't know about, you may have an intruder. Get RogueScanner here:

From the PC Guru newsletter

This is also a quick way to gather all your IP addresses in your network.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A trip to Tanzania

My Wife's friend Wanda just returned from a trip to Tanzania. She has posted all the excitement to her blog. There are some very nice photos also. Read the Blog at:

Yep them were the days