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Oxy Nation

See how much time you spend on this page, I just wasted 20 minutes. Don't get in a hurry to click on anything. Watch out for the badger !

How do I find this stuff ?

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Alphabetize Your Start Menu

My start menue was in afibetical order but not it is not. It is very hard to find the program I want to use without looking threw the complete list. Is there a way to Alphabetize this list like it was before. Thanks, Roy B.

How to Alphabetize Your Start Menu Folders

For Windows XP

1. Begin by first clicking on the Start Button.
2. Then move your mouse over the All Programs icon to display all Start Menu folders.
3. If your Start Menu is set to the Classic View, move your mouse over the Programs folder instead.
4. Now, move your mouse over any of your listed menu folders such as Accessories, etc.
5. While holding your mouse still, Press the Right Mouse Button.
6. This will open a menu for you to now click on the Sort by Name selection.
7. And as a result, your Programs Menu Folders will be neatly arranged alphabetically.
8. This procedure also applies to all Sub-Menu folders as well. Simply press the Right Mouse Button.
9. Then click on the Sort by Name selection within the menu area you want to alphabetize.
10. Poof they are now in order. Thanks for your question.....Jack

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Be free from viruses, pop-ups, spyware

Wanna know how to keep your computer free from viruses, pop-ups, spyware, and other junk? Here’s how to do it without installing a single piece of software:

* Tell all the males in your house to quit surfing for porn
* Buy CDs and rip the tracks from there
* Get a Netflix or Blockbuster account instead of using BitTorrent
* Instead of looking for software cracks / serials, look for coupons
* Stop operating in Administrator mode

Adhering to these five points (and forcing your family or roommates to do the same) should be enough to cut your risk by 90%, I’m guessing. You could do more to protect yourself, though, if you feel the need to download something:

* Download drivers through official (or sanctioned) sources
* Avoid unnecessary browser toolbars, plugins, or enhancements - and if you’re not sure if a toolbar is TRULY necessary, don’t install it
* Read through every bit of a software installer process to ensure you’re not adding something that you don’t need and/or want - and if you’re not a geek, don’t install ANYTHING without first asking permission
* Think twice before clicking on links sent to you by email or IM - especially if they prompt you to log in somewhere or download something else
* Surf through OpenDNS servers for automatic Web site typo correction as well as an extra layer of phishing filters

That’s probably worth another 10% as far as protection from spyware / viruses are concerned. If you wanna be super-duper protected, surf the Web with Firefox or move to OS X (sorry, gang) and run Windows apps through Parallels. For more tips on keeping your computer clean, stay tuned to the podcast or our YouTube channel.

Taken from: Lockergnome

Burn 4 Free

If you do not have CD / DVD burning software installed on your computer you can get this free program. I have not used it but it comes recommended by a good friend. No spyware in the download. Save some money get it here:

hope she makes it big

I found this video while looking for a video on b-17 airplanes, how I ended up finding it? I don't have a clue. I just think there is so much talent out there that you ever get to see or hear about. This video of this young lady is one like that. You will most likely never see her again but I just loved her voice and she is very cute too. I do hope she makes it big, but odds are she wont.
See her video here:

I'm thinking of going to New York on 777 to see her (but Betty said not)

More Youtube Videos from Happy Slip Productions:

By the way I am beginning to work on a video about Versailles Indiana. It is not as easy as you would think. It requires lots of time and I guess I have that. I have produced a few short videos to practice but I have not been thrilled with the results. I'll let you know if it comes to be. I am also planning to do a short version with only exerts from the early 50's Troy Hooton 8 mm movie. This will come this Winter while the weather is bad. Do you know anyone with experience that could help ? Stay tuned.......... Jack

Madison, Indiana 1945

Life During WWII in the American Town of Madison, Indiana

This is a professionally produced film shot in 1945 but you will still see many landmarks that will be recognizable. By the way that was a very good year, I was born in '45.

If you have broadband (cable / DSL) you may just click on the above link and watch. If on a dial-up connection click the link, but when the player appears click the pause button for a short time. This will let the movie download or buffer ahead. Now click play and you can see the YouTube movie without interruption. This will work with about all videos where the player has a pause button.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Versailles Live online scanner

I upgraded to a new computer and it has Vista for the operating system. I like to listen to your online scanner but with Medea Player 11 that came with Vista I can't understand how to connect. Can you help. Thank you, Tom

Versailles online scanner (not always online)
Go here for instructions on Versions 7 - 10

Open/Run Medea Player

(1) On (Vista) Medea Player 11 Right Click to the Right of the two arrows
at the top. Mouse Over "File", Then Left Click "Open URL"

(2) Type in or copy & Paste:
Click "OK"
Look at the bottom left and you should see "buffering"
playing xx K Bits / seconds
Now just wait a few seconds to hear the audio.
It is not always online, (when I go to bed it goes off) if you can't connect try again later.
Thanks for your question Tom.
Happy listening,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

International Space Station

Q: Hi, I'm aboard the International Space Station and can't get 3 of our computers to boot. We loaded the Vista Windows recently and crash bam! Do you do on-site visits?

Yes, but 35 cents per mile.

Get with the program

Your not using Firefox or Thunderbird ?
Get with the program !
Free, powerful, secure and easy to use.

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Father's Day

Father's Day is a primarily secular holiday inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and parenting by males, and to honor and commemorate fathers and forefathers. Father's Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, and typically involves gift-giving to fathers and family-oriented activities.'s_Day#United_States's_Day
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern Coach Class
A cinematic screen saver. If you are into screen savers here is a pretty neat one. I do not use them but I love airplanes so I tried this one and I liked it. It is like looking out the window of a 747 in flight. Its free and no spyware. Give it try at:
6.1 meg zipped download.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is PassPack ?

The first Online Privacy Manager. It's a password manager and personal vault. With PassPack you can organize and store passwords, private notes, links and much more to come!
Keep passwords, credit card numbers, license plates, serial numbers, and ect.
Its free & safe:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crawler Weather

Crawler Weather provides current weather conditions for cities that you specify. Temperatures, severe weather, precipitation, aviation weather, and marine forecasts are available for the continental U.S. A Health & Outdoors feature gives you UV index data for the continental U.S., plus links to Web sites offering air quality, pollen, and snow information. Other features link to Web sites that provide travel booking and traffic information. Its not super great, but its free !
I'd give it a 6 out of 10, I liked the beat but it was hard to dance to. (American bandstand)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Scary ol' High Wall Tree passed on

I suppose most reading this Blog have never seen this old tree but it was a land mark of Versailles, Indiana. If you were a kid and were born and raised around Versailles you will know it. It was on the path to the the famous High Wall. Kids of all ages, for I guess the last one hundred years, played there. I seen no change in this tree in my complete life and I am almost 62 years old now. I carved a hart with my girlfriend's name on it when I was about 12. Others did the same also. Every trip there I looked and yes hard to read, but still the hart was visible. I sadly report that this tree has fallen. My good friend Ken Akers made the hike about a month ago and seen it has passed on. I feel like I have lost a friend of the family. I will not post a photo in its current state after it has fallen, I think we should remember it as it was in our mind as a kid. Most will never see it now as we are too old to make the short hike, so just look at this photo and remember it like it was in our youth. About five years ago I took several photos from the High Wall. You can take another imaginary hike by clicking this link:
A reply from Lin Townsend (Oatman) from Ca:

I loved the pictures of High Wall. I spent many wonderful hours there making "dishes" out of clay, having picnics with Judy and Joyce, and wading in the stream. I also lost my Mom's class ring somewhere in that stream. Years later, when I was home from California for Christmas, one of my students visited. I had promised her, when she was in the 4th grade, that I would take her to see snow someday. When she came to Versailles, it was just beginning to snow and we went on a hike to High Wall. Nancy ( my student) still talks about visiting High Wall and the fun we had in the snow. I do miss those days when we were young and our whole world was safe and free from all the problems in the world today. I wish all kids could have had a High Wall in their life.
A reply from Jack Kirtley from Nevada:

Jack, I read everything you put on your website and would be lost without it. I am one of the people who really appreciate you and your website. Having grown up in Versailles and Loving every minute of it, I have vivid memories of what you write about. The High Wall was a favorite hangout for us as kids and I have thrown a million rocks in the hole on the side of the tree. We used to make a wish and throw a rock in the hole believing the wish would come true. It will be missed by me even tho I haven't seen it in 50 years. Keep up the great stuff you put on the internet for us and always know that we Love it. Thanks a million, Jack Kirtley
A reply from Marlene Talbott (Green) Oh:

Thanks for this wonderful picture. I hope somebody has painted it--do you know? I forwarded it on to some people I know that I think might know about this. I didn't know about the three. I knew about the High Wall, but until a couple of years ago, when Ken Akers was telling me about it, I thought it was my secret! I've forgotten how to get there. Is it still possible, and if so, can you send me directions? Thanks for your services in the name of Nostalgia. Marlene
Note: High Wall is located on private property so you should ask permission to visit. Is there a painting ?
A reply from Bill Miller from Ohio:

Sure I remember the tree. Over the years I guess I remember about every inch of Versailles and Osgood.

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Get a Dell, Dude