Friday, July 31, 2015

Blue moon 7/31/15

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A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year, either the third of four full moons in a season or, a second full moon in a month of the common calendar.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Biography: James Casey, Founder of UPS - repost

I worked 27 years for UPS and retired from same.

Biography: James Casey, Founder of UPS

A high school dropout who started a bicycle messenger service in Seattle in 1907, James Casey lived long enough to see United Parcel Service become the world’s premier delivery company, which it remains today.

Casey was a humble man. A lifelong bachelor, he lived for many years in a simple hotel room and always wore a dark suit and tie. Neither money nor power interested him much. Over the years he and his brother, who also worked at UPS, gave the bulk of their money, $438 million in all, to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, named after their mother. (It grew to become the eleventh biggest foundation in the United States, with $2.7 billion in assets in 2003.) Two things excited Casey-the people of UPS and the packages they delivered. Casey understood that business was a collective enterprise and that UPS’s success depended upon winning the commitment of its people. To that end, he began distributing shares in the company to its managers in the early 1920s. “The basic principle that I believe has contributed more than any other to the building of our business,” he said in 1955, “is the ownership of our company by the people employed in it.” Casey also paid attention to small things. He had a knack for remembering people’s names and went out of his way to thank people for the work they did. He took to heart the task of ensuring that every package entrusted to UPS was handled with care.

When a writer named Philip Hamburger was preparing a profile of Casey for the New Yorker in 1947, Casey send him a long letter in which he said: “Remember that the story is to be about us-not about me. For, in simple fairness to the many capable people who…have been associated with the company, no single individual should be given a disproportionate share of credit for the development of the United Parcel Service you are writing about today.”

More than half a century later, UPS executives mingle with drivers and sorters, office doors stay open and people answer their own phones. People call each other by their first names, no matter their rank or title. The company has no executive dining room, corporate jet or luxurious office suites for the brass. Eskew does not even have his own personal assistant; instead, the twelve members of the management committee share a pool of four secretaries. Like the other two thousand people who work at UPS headquarters, he eats lunch in the cafeteria. Jim Casey would approve. “There have been no supermen in our company-no star performers to hog the limelight,” he once said. “There can be no glamour, no romance, no truly great success, unless shared in by all.”

In the New Yorker profile, Casey could not contain his delight during a visit to a department store where shipping clerks were hard at work: “Deft fingers! Deft fingers wrapping thousands of bundles. Neatly tied! Neatly addressed! Stuffed with soft tissue paper! What a treat! Ah, packages!”

Step inside UPS’s gleaming headquarters, which opened in 1994 in a park like setting on the outskirts of Atlanta, and you can practically feel the presence of Jim Casey. A large portrait of Casey hangs in the lobby, just around the corner from one of the company’s original package cars, a Model T Ford. UPS executives quote Casey all the time, saying things like “Service is the sum of many little things done well” or “Our horizon is as distant as our mind’s eye wishes it to be.” The company published a collection of Casey’s speeches and writing, and a highlight of the annual conference where about 225 top managers from UPS get together is a “Jim Casey evening” where the company’s CEO gives a talk inspired by Casey’s ideas.

Mike Eskew, who became CEO of UPS in 2002, said “Our vision is to be Jim Casey. He knew every package and every customer. We want to come full circle.” UPS has a low-key but impressive commitment to philanthropy—the company and its employees gave $52 million one year to the United Way, more than any other company. Eskew mused that perhaps UPS ought to crow a bit more about its charitable giving, if only to inspire others to be more generous. Then he caught himself. “Jim Casey taught us not to crow. Jim Casey believed in quiet philanthropy,” Eskew said. “I sure hate to disagree with Jim.” There’s no danger of that. Jim Casey died in 1983 at the age of 95, just a month after he retired from the UPS board of directors.

Today UPS serves customers in more than 200 countries using 1,750 operating centers, 2,000 daily airplane flights, 88,000 vehicles and 360,000 people. It has gone beyond transportation to offer what it calls “supply chain solutions,” a range of shipping-related businesses that include running a warehouse for, repairing printers for Hewlett-Packard and storing and delivering spare computer parts for IBM. In 2003, UPS generated $33.5 billion in revenues and $2.9 billion in profits. The company is three times as profitable and far more efficient than archrival FedEx, which takes a different approach to business-it adamantly opposes unions, for example. Because UPS still “runs the tightest ship in the shipping business,” it can offer a money-back guarantee on shipments to all addresses in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

But, as Jim Casey liked to remind people, anybody can deliver packages. What sets UPS apart is the culture that he built with every bit as much care as he devoted to package delivery. UPS’s work ethic, its sense of community, the fact that the people who work there own the place, its policy of promoting from within, even its obsession with neatness-all of these can be traced back to the founder.

Source: Marc Gunther, Faith and Fortune, Crown Business 2004, p. 89

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Colorado Vacations:

Find Things to Do, Attractions, Places to Visit & More Mountains were made to move you. Come remember what freedom feels like. And forget that traffic jams and spreadsheets even exist. Go farther than you’ve ever gone before. From this vantage point, you can see everything except limits. Colorado isn't just a place to visit. It's a place where you feel alive. Plan your Colorado summer vacation now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is Time ?

Time is a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them.Time is often referred to as the fourth dimension, along with the three spatial dimensions.

Time has long been a major subject of study in religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields without circularity has consistently eluded scholars.Nevertheless, diverse fields such as business, industry, sports, the sciences, and the performing arts all incorporate some notion of time into their respective measuring systems.Some simple definitions of time include "time is what clocks measure" which is a problematically vague and self-referential definition that utilizes the device used to measure the subject as the definition of the subject, and "time is what keeps everything from happening at once", which is without substantive meaning in the absence of the definition of simultaneity in the context of the limitations of human sensation, observation of events, and the perception of such events.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

How far can you talk ?

Many many times this question is ask of me and I'm sure it is ask of all radio amateurs. There is no standard answer. I have to think everytime it is asked. There can be many answers, but Here are a few.
With an HF (high frequency) radio, you can reach the entire world...if the conditions are favorable. The range of HF transmissions is affected by the ionosphere, which is like the weather: it changes constantly, it's unpredictable, and you can't do anything about it.

It depends on the codition of the sun. Is there a solar storm? Propagation peaks on eleven year cycles. The cycle is now on the downward swing. The peak was about two years ago.

The belt clipper boys with only VHF and UHF privileges are limited to very short distances, About 25 miles or so. Working through a repeater station the range can be over 100.

It is hard but not impossible to to work (talk) 100 countries in a weekend.
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The key to working distance (DX) is finding another Ham at a rare location. Lots of places are uninhabited and a Ham must go there.

The time of day and the frequency used will determine the distance covered. For example, at about 7:00AM on a frequency of 7.200 MHZ. you can work West Australians (VK6 Perth). At Noon on 14.100 you can work Europe.

(Photo courtesy American Radio Relay League)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Saint Lucia

I'm off to J6 Land in early December 2015. I will be traveling with a group of 6 other Hams and we all will be using BuddiPole antennas. Listen for us on 160 threw 6 meters. I will be on D-STAR (Ref 30C) giving daily information. More information to follow as December approaches.


Saint Lucia Images

More Saint Lucia Images

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Airline Secrets

What The Airlines Don't Tell You

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Friday, July 10, 2015

RCARC Members I do not know most of you

I do not know most of the members of the RCARC. Most of you
are new to the hobby and the RCARC. You only have heard
very bad things about me. Ask around to some of the use-to-be
 members of the RCARC, I'm not a bad guy they'll tell you.

I would like to tell you a few things about  Delbert:
I have noticed that if you fail to agree with Delbert
 he will turn on you. He has ways of getting even, just ask
John Reid, Bill Kemp, Susan Wilker, and others including
myself. (All past members of the RCARC).

Delbert has poisoned you members agents me. This feud very
simply started when I suggested things to improve the RCARC
to Delbert. He retaliated with emails to all members telling
I did not count because I was not a member. So I decided to join
and this is when he came up with the RCARC is not accepting
any new members and closing the repeater. If I could have
joined I could have made motions that I felt would improve the
club. I felt if I could not join or use my repeater I would
retrieve the repeater and blimp that belonged to me. I did not
 retrieve the cavities and that was an oversight on my part at the time.
Delbert taddal-tailed to the ARRL and FCC about how awful I
was. By the way I have never broken any rules/laws on any repeater
and I have never QRMed people on the repeater, but I have been
accused of it many times.

You must be really out of the loop if you didn't know Delbert has
forbidden me from attending any and all RCARC functions and I
am not permitted to use any of the RCARC repeaters. I would
love to come to a meeting and present my case, but the sheriff
would evict me at Delbert's request. It really wouldn't do any
good as no one attends the meetings except Delbert's wife,
daughter, and maybe 2 or 3 others. It would fall on deaf ears and
they always vote like Delbert wants. No one has voted no on
anything in years. Delbert has special members that second all
of his motions.

I have a great interest in Ham Radio and the promotion of it.
I have a great many public service and contest awards, more than
anyone in Ripley County,  I was also a runner up as Indiana's
amateur of the year. (can you guess who won) I have been a
Ham for about 45 years.

Delbert has torn down the club as it started out. He is just
interested in ARES and this is not why the club was formed in
the first place. He thinks he is a police force leader and not a
Ham Radio leader. ARES is fine but it should not be combined
with the radio club. Delbert could be the fat cat of ARES, but
let someone else be president of the RCARC. Members could
even belong to both if they like.

All of you members need to dig in and get the facts and stop
letting Delbert run the club like a dictatorship.
You need to talk to some of the members that are not members
now. Ask Delbert why he left the other club (RCRA) I'm sure
you won't get the true reason, but just ask some of the RCRA
members like Dan Mulford, Dave Stoneking, Marilyn Gray,
Judy Bultman and others.

I don't have proof of owning the cavities, only the word of
the seller (John Humphrey)  I only could prove ownership of the
repeater. But if you members want the truth, they came with the
1st repeater that I paid for in full and Delbert knows this. He just
wants to be the hero to the 8 fellows of JCARC and collect the
$300.00 for the ARES team.

I was thinking that if you sold goods that did not belong to you
the sheriff would come a knocking at your door. Delbert, don't
you have a guilty conscience?

I do hope your Alzheimers is going into remission because it certainly
is not now .................

Have fun with the money when they are sold. You know that the ARES
group will get the money and not the RCARC anyway.

Good luck in the contest, 73

Thursday, July 09, 2015

We're now getting the truth on the cavities

Quote from Delbert WY9L

"the cavities were thrown in on the deal FREE, when we purchased the used repeater . I talked the gentleman in to throwing them in as we didnt have anymore money in treasury."

On 7/9/2015 10:52 AM, Jack Demaree wrote:
> John,
> I just need to know how you were paid, by cash or check and
> was the cavities given for free to to the club as Delbert is claiming?
> I think I paid you for the repeater and cavities both.
> Delbert thinks he owns the cavities and I own the repeater.
> I think I paid you $500 for the repeater and $500 for the cavities.
> Thanks for your time.
> Jack Demaree WB9OTX
On 7/9/2015 10:08 AM, John Humphrey wrote:
>> John E Humphrey
>> 7020 N KOSSUTH RD
>> SALEM, IN 47167

>>Jack  I don't remember if it was cash or a check.
>>They were NOT FREE $500.00 sounds about right.

Quote from Jack WB9OTX

 I will donate them free and clear to the club from Jennings county. The only stipulation would be I (WB9OTX) would be allowed to use the repeater they will be connected to. I would be happy to furnish the club with paperwork stating the gift of said cavities to them. Please inform the Jennings county club of my decision.
Jack WB9OTX.

After thinking about purchasing the repeater and cavities I'm sure it was $400.00 for the cavities and $500.00 for the repeater.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Johnathan Stemann KC9PXV = A ZERO

Johnathan drove in my driveway about a year ago telling me this very sad story. His girlfriend is pregnant and him/her would have no place to live in a few days. He needed $600.00 to pay the rent, but he was to receive a check from the army in 2 weeks. He ask me to loan him the money with the promise to pay it back to me in 2 weeks. I have known Johnathan's family for years and Johnathan is an amateur radio operator like myself so I trusted him at his word and loaned him the $600.00. This was to be a very bad mistake as he has avoided me at every point. I have contacted his father and grandfather and they have had no contact about Johnathan with me. I would be willing to try to work out a payment plan with Johnathan, but he just avoids me of any contact. Johnathan does not keep his word and should be avoided at all cost/contact. Do not trust him.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Dictator Delbert = Alzheimer

Why don't you ask Delbert about this and see if his Alzheimer kicks in.

I won't call Dictator Delbert a liar because he stated he has Alzheimer.
I bought the repeater & cavities from Delbert's good friend. The repeater and cavities originally came from Brent from Seymour, It was no good (junk stated by Baltus) It had been screwdrivered to death. I bought another brand new one from Baltus for about $1000, the cavities were from the first repeater I paid for. The gentleman as Dictator Delbert calls him gave me a good screwing to the tune of about $1000. I (WB9OTX) paid for all of this, the RCARC had not a dime in the deal. Now who is the nut job ?
Yes I'm the nut job alright as I should have got the Cavities when I got
the repeater and blimp.

QUOTE from Delbert:

"the cavities were thrown in on the deal FREE, when we purchased the used repeater . I talked the gentleman in to throwing them in as we didnt have anymore money in treasury. So he did it to help us out". Come on guys , are you going to let some nut job tear your club apart?

Friday, July 03, 2015

solar-powered airplane - record-breaking 5-day flight

A plane powered by the sun's rays landed in Hawaii Friday after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean from Japan.

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4th of July = Independence Day

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