Thursday, November 15, 2007

Windows' Notepad Replacement

NoteTab Light improves on Windows' Notepad in so many ways; it's tough to count them. Start with the basics: You can open multiple files, not just one as you're forced to do in Notepad. Each file runs in its own tab so switching between them is easy. The program comes with all kinds of nifty built-in utilities too, such as a feature that strips HTML out of a document, a Paste Board that saves text clips automatically, macros and plenty of oddball free tools such as a mortgage-rate calculator. Get it here for free:

I wish people would use a simple program like this to strip out the garbage ">>>>>" like that, from the forward emails. Copy and paste them into this program and strip out the garbage, then paste it back into a new email you want to send to 35 people in the next 10 minutes so your phone will ring at 7 pm with good news......... jack