Monday, November 26, 2007

DVD Videos

I can see that you are into making videos by looking at your YouTube page. Can you give me (us) some pointers on the task? Thanks, Bill H.
I am ask this question very often and I always answer it the same way,"buy a DVD set-top recorder". A good place to get one is Wal-Mart. They always have a large selection to choose from. Just plug your CamCorder or AVI camera into the DVD recorder and push the record button.

Now if you are a geek and want to experiment get a capture video card for your computer. The ATI "All In One Wonder" is the one I use but there are many to choose from. The easiest and also included with Windows is Windows Movie Maker, Very simple to use but limited in features. Here is a nice basic free editor:
You can pay hundreds of dollars for high end editors if you care to, but the beginner should start out simple till you get the hang of editing your movie. You can always upgrade if you find you want to go high class.
If you want to make a nice presentation with still photos try:
or you can do it with Microsoft Power Point if you have it.
You can also up-load your photos to:
for a slide show that your friends can view online.

With any form of video just be prepared to spend a lot of your time. My first edit and with a menu took about eight hours to get uploaded and finished. As I said at the beginning "just buy a set top DVD recorder".

Thanks Bill, hope this helps with your movies...........jack