Sunday, November 25, 2007

The perfect shot

I was sound asleep in my chair in my living room when I awoke to a load buzz. It was my motion alarm set to sound when movement was detected near the house. I was now wide awake and gathering my thoughts. I looked at the clock to find it was four AM. I grabbed my pistol, flipped the TV remote to view the security cameras that scan the property. There he was sneaking down the driveway, was it the mad coax cutter or the jerk that sugars gas tanks? no it was a very large coyote just checking out the yard. I opened the door, clapped my hands and gave out a loud yell, "Get out of here"! His very large glassy eyes looked direct at me for a few seconds then he just pranced off to the high way, crossed into the neighbor's yard and out of sight. Not a big deal this time, but if it had been the Stone Queen or other jerk I would have had a perfect shot. To end this short story, I backed up the DVR recording to DVD so I could show my wife when the morning came and went off to bed. The moral of this story, "Don't mess around my house if you have bad intentions".