Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Internet security

What Internet security suite do you use ?
Preferring stand-alone programs that tend to do one job well and take up fewer resources than the big cludgy suites like McAfee, Norton and ZoneAlarm. (Forget AOL! It should be declared an Internet traffic hazard.)

NOD-32 anti-virus I feel is one of the best and NOD32 is a steal at $29.95 a year for a two-year subscription.

Next is AVG free if you are on a budget.

If you are still running XP, PC Tools offers a very nice free Firewall.

lavasoft is free for the taking and offers a good protection from spy-ware and malware.
There is also a pay version, but think not worth the cost.

Although I have not used it, nod32 comes highly recommended and yes it is a security suite (all in one) The cost is about $60 per year. Free 90 day trial at:

A firewall is kind of a pain in the rear for a novice to use, but if you do not use a router connected to your modem you may want to use one for added protection.

Thank you for your question......... Jack