Sunday, November 18, 2007

A nice Christmas gift

A nice Christmas gift for your wife would be "The Master's Message" a book of short stories written by my Wife Betty. Here is what she tells about herself:
I was born in the state of Maine, but my parents brought me to Indiana when I was very small. I have lived in Southeastern Indiana most all my life. My husband is a Vietnam veteran. I married young and I am still married to the same man. I have two children and two grandchildren. The writing bug bit me many years ago and for almost three years I wrote and distributed a newsletter, which consisted of biblical teaching, inspirational segments and short stories. I have spent endless hours sitting in front of the computer applying the story telling to the screen in front of me and then sending it on to numerous people hungry for an opportunity to escape, if only for a short time, into a world of imagination. The teaching area of my letters and the inspirations were a means of getting God's message out to those who cared to listen. Hence, the title of my book. "The Master's Message." We have all been told from time to time that we are incapable of accomplishing our dreams. Why is it that we buy into all that negativity? I am an ordinary human being, with an ordinary background, in an ordinary life and I have proven that anything is possible if you just step out and have faith. We all have God given gifts and talents and if it is our desire then it is God's desire also, providing it is used to be a blessing to someone. I hope that this book blesses you. The one who is reading this now is hopefully one of many, but nevertheless, if only one is touched, then my job is done.

An article that appeared in our local newspaper:

Here is a sample from the publisher "Author House"

Betty Demaree's Web Page:

If you would like a copy of "The Master's Message" in time for Christmas please email Betty at:
Your book will be shipped Priority Mail. You may pay with PayPal or Money order. She will reply with the details for your order.