Sunday, July 22, 2007

See you on the Green Keys

Many years ago in my early Ham Radio days teletype was a very popular mode. We called this mode RTTY or the green keys. I had an ASR-28 machine that weighed more than I did. Very noisy, greasy, and took up a lot of room but that was a part of the hobby that these new no code kids will never experience. Now Hams use computers and sound cards to transmit in many digital modes, but RTTY is still one of them. Enough history, I get carried away sometimes. A big part of RTTY was sending photos made up from keyboard characters such as #@&(. I'm sure some government workers spent countless hours making these images to send to each other. I never had the talent to do this, but I can tell you I loved to have one sent to me. Now you can create one of the same in about a snap of the fingers. Pick out a nice photo stored on your computer then go to:
The outcome will look just as it did when the fan fold paper rolled out of my ASR-28 machine about 30 years ago.

View from about 5 foot away.