Friday, July 13, 2007

Be My Beta Tester

I worked a couple of hours on this new Web Page and I have it working the way I wanted it to in Fire Fox, but Internet Explorer (IE) is another deal all together with Bill's (Microsoft) ActiveX. I use FireFox and I have preached to you at no end to use it also. So I set the page up for it, but it will work with IE, just not as I would like it. Give it a try and please let me know the bugs you find. It does not have any link to it other than this one. You should have the QuickTime player installed to see the slideshow. If you don't have it (and you should) get it here.
Uncheck the boxes and don't enter your email, click download then install.
If the music stops & starts try IE - You should have broadband and a fast computer.
Email me with what you find at
Here is the page: