Friday, July 06, 2007

Home security system

Video Home security system.
At 3:30 AM this morning a load buzz from my motion decters sounded. I awoke from a deep sleep and switched on the flood lamps lighting the property up like daylight to find nothing. I have this home security system to detect people that have vandalized my property in the past. It comes at a great cost but with the past things that have went on I feel it well worth the cost. At any rate the next morning I flipped the camera viewer on and looked starting at 3:15 AM. As the clock on the cameras came to 3:30 AM there was the intruder. He was big, had a mask about his eyes, and was running. He cut through my car port and across the front porch. Yep, it was a very large raccoon. I gave out a short chuckle then rewound the DVR back in time to show my wife the masked intruder. All is well but the motion detectors and the cameras did the job. I hope to never need the evidence they will provide, but it will be there if needed in the future.