Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How to beat carnival games

When I was very young my Mom took me to the Pumpkin Show as we call it. It is an annual street fair held at Versailles, In. The town square is littered with rides and games. I had a dollar just about to burn a hole in my pocket. I had rode some rides and now before heading home I told my Mother I wanted a teddy bear. I spotted some nice big panda bears in one game booth that I thought I would love to win. My Mother said you would never win one but its your dollar. The barker encouraged me to play and would not hand me the baseball till he gathered a crowd to watch. He handed me the ball, I tossed it and the big cat fell off the stand. I won ! Now he went into the speal that if this little kid could win all of you can to. Well I don't know if he could control the winner or not but I took the teddy bear home with me. I have been fascinated with street fair games ever sense and have tried to understand the art of the scams. By the way I still have a picture of me and the teddybear. If you want some inside information on how to win at these games (may be) look at this page.