Sunday, November 06, 2011

nightmare 2 days

After a nightmare 2 days with my ISP ComCast I still have a major problem with my network that provides uploads. This is my live video, live sound, and live camera images. I will attempt to configure it on Monday with the help of a professional located in Shelbyville. Wish me luck ........... Jack

After hours on the phone Comcast tells me the problem is in my system. Funny, it all worked prior to Comcast installed a different modem and static IP. I will call Comcast again today and try to convince them to put me back as I was before the modem and IP change. I have over ten hours into this nightmare. I hope I wake up today. ...... Jack

Flash 2
After another 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Comcast idiots I have been sent back to where I was a week ago.
I will install the camera back to its location on the roof in the morning. All should be back to where it was in a day or two as I have to configure all the components after the hard reset. This has been a very trying few days for me as Comcast kept telling me it was in my configuration, It was not. As soon as I reverted back to my old modem all began to work again. I have over 12 hours trying to straiten this Comcast mess out............ I knew it was their fault and I was not at fault. Give me a few days to get the web addresses and equipment back configured correctly. Stay tuned .......... Jack