Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Killing Lincoln

If you are a Civil War buff or just like a very good interesting book to read you will enjoy Killing Lincoln. I know that you die hard democrats do not care for the author, get over it, put Bill out of your mind and just enjoy the story. I must confess I did not know the history of this war but I found myself enjoying this great true story and at the same time getting a history lesson. I downloaded the audio version thinking I would burn it to CD so to listen on my set top player or in my car, but after unzipping the file I found it to be in a format that would not play with the standard default player (windows media player) that comes on all Window's OS computers. In order to use the downloaded file you must find, download, and install a program to convert it to the standard MP3 format. This is above most users ability. So I do not recommend getting the book this way unless you are an advanced computer user. Another note, it takes about five hours to download with a very fast broadband internet connection. If you have an Amazon Kindle you can read it for $12.99.