Thursday, April 04, 2013

Photo Pos Pro

I work for a few companies that require photo editing. I know that everyone knows the keyword Photo Shop ($700), but this program is very expensive and complete overkill for most people. I use a program in my work that is no longer available but I found another that is very similar  and has a very short and easy learning curve and the best part, "It is free". I take lots of photos and have for some time but even with this experience I can use a photo editor to enhance most. An example would be, a couple in the center but a trash can to the left of them. No problem, just remove the can and replace it with a nice greenish shrub. Lighten, darken or make the sky more blue. .........Jack
The perfect FREE Photo Editor for you! Photo Pos Pro is an advanced yet extremely user-friendly and easy to use digital photo editing software. Photo Pos supports advanced enhancing, editing and computer graphics, special effects, layers, vectorial objects, masks, brushes, and much more!
See and download it here    Click no on all the tool bar junk when you install it.

Thanks John for this tip