Saturday, April 13, 2013


I have not had a virus in two years but tonight broke the running record. I won't go into details on what web site i downloaded from (no it was not a porn site) but it was one that I should not have been looking at. The virus was called "Sirefef.gen !c" and it shuts off your virus protective program and redirects your Firefox and Internet Explorer to - well lets just say undesirable places - It also stops Google Chrome altogether. Malware Bytes would not remove it and I could not run Microsoft Essentials as it was shut off by the virus. I found a removal program from Panda, on another computer, downloaded it to a flash drive then installed it on the infected computer. It run and after 3 restarts the virus was removed. Now I had to remove Microsoft  Essentials with add and remove programs from the control panel. I then tried to find the "official Microsoft download site" and this was a challenge because the scammers have invaded Google with their bogus Microsoft pages. I finally found the official page and downloaded / installed the program. It installed fine and now runs like it should again. By the way I will save you some time, here is the correct address. 
This process to remove the virus took over an hour and lots of hair pulling. Be careful, The scammers and Malware boys are out to get you. They got me........ Jack