Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ham Radio - what do you talk about ?

I received an email asking, "Just what do you talk about on Ham Radio"? This is a hard question to answer as people are so different. Some are introverts and others are extroverts, it is the same on Ham Radio. Some Hams join in with a group that meet regularly on a certain frequancy, such as 3.910 on the 75 meter band.  This would be the same as a group of people meeting at a club or restraint. Then there are the Hams that only work DX (distance) These try to talk to as many countries as possible. The exchange is very short, such as "TA2RD WB9OTX your are 59 Indiana, 73.
An   introvert may never speek a word but only type on a computer keyboard. There are many digital modes such as JT65, EME, and others.I have known Hams that after studding for a long time, taking the test and receiving their license never ever keying the transmitter but only listen. I never could understand why they got a license in the first place.
I like to do all facets of our hobby, I do the DX, digital, and just like to have a friendly conversation with others across town or on the other side of the planet. I may ask, where do you work, how many kids do you have, how long have you been on the air, what kind of antenna are you using, and on and on.
So Ham Radio has something for about everyone. By the way if you want to become a Ham there are classes to make it very easy to obtain your ticket. See the RCARC Ham Radio Club page. or the ARRL page. ............ Jack WB9OTX