Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comcast ups & downs

If you are a frequent reader of this Blog you would know that I have had my ups & downs with the Comcast cable TV / internet provider. The latest downer is my internet went out Thursday. After three phone calls and one hang up they are to come Monday to fix it. Tonight (Saturday) I removed the signal splitter and replaced it with a barrel connector. Low and behold the modem light turned green and I am on line.  I then switched the cable to the TV and it worked fine. I then replaced the splitter and neither worked. I then replaced the splitter with a new one, again nothing worked. This tells me the signal coming into the house is weak. So Monday I will see what the cable man tells me.
More to follow.

Up Date

Monday morning the Comcast tech pulled into the drive and checked the service coming into the modem and found it weak. He replaced the F connections outside and inside, gave me a new splitter then went to the pole. He found a poor connection from the drop to the hard line. Latter today another crew will replace the drop connection from the hard line. It was very hard to get the man here but after he came things are looking up. My TV and internet are working again and will work even better when the rest of the work is done at the pole. The tech was very friendly and new his job........ End of nightmare I hope.