Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What a waste

I bout my wife a very low end E-Machine computer and took over her Compaq laptop. In my work as a web master I can't make any money or please the customer if my internet is not working. So I decided to load the programs I use on her laptop so I could take it to a wireless wi fi hot spot or to a friend's home where the net is working. I was out of service for 2 1/2 days last week so I don't want to hear the customers &%#$ again. So as to save time I thought I would do a clean install of the OS to clean all of the mess she had on the computer. Boy was that a mistake, that took about 4 hours as I had never created the restore DVDs. That all went well it just took a long time. I then started to clean off the garbage software that comes with a new computer, another two hours pass. Now I am waiting for 87 updates to be downloaded and installed. At dinner tonight I was complaining to my wife how long it was taking, She said I didn't have anything else to do anyway and I guess she is right. There is a myth that computers save time, Not true. Now when the updates are installed I have to load the software that I need to work with. I think I should have bout a new laptop it would have been much easier and faster.