Sunday, November 04, 2012

Georgetown Ohio Ham Radio Fest

Jerry KC9HYL and I (WB9OTX) attended the Georgetown, Oh. Hamfest Saturday Nov. 3rd 2012. It was slightly foggy and a little frost was on the grass. It was one of the best we have attended this year. Most of the fests are declining in attendance but not this one. I don't know their secret but they have it figured out. The video is of last year (2011). I did buy a few things that I did not need, this is just the fun of looking at all the toys. I seen a fellow that I had a problem with a few years ago. He spoke to me saying hello Jack, I gave him a good look but until I seen his call sign on his hat did I knew who he was. He seemed very friendly. I thought back a few years at the problems he caused me, but decided to let sleeping dogs lie. I chatted with him and his wife for quite sometime and even bought a few things from his table. When I moved on I said "it was glad to see you again". I guess he has may be changed his mind about me. I will give him another chance, we will see what the future holds