Saturday, May 15, 2010

QRP Ham Radio

I know most readers of this blog are not Ham radio enthusiasts, but I just wanted those who are to hear about the fun I've had the last few days with a little rig named Yaesu FT-7. It is considered a QRP (low power) rig with only 10 watts output. I have used it only on 75 and 40 meters so far but it covers 75 through 10. It is a basic no frills radio, no menus no squelch, no memory keyer, no memories, no split vfo, no general coverage receive, no dsb. With all that said it just has the switches and knobs you need to make contacts. I have made several contacts on 40 meters with great reports, both on audio and signal strength. I just worked a fellow in Virginia that was running 800 watts, I gave him an honest 57 and I received a 59. I do have a very good antenna and I give the credit of the good reports to it. I have found it is best to not tell that I am only sending out 10 watts as it makes the guy on the other end feel bad. If you are a new ham and on a budget think about buying a vintage rig, perhaps made in the 70s or 80s. These rigs are built like a tank and can be picked up at a bargain price. Spend any extra money you have on the antenna system. Have fun and look for me on the bands..........Jack WB9OTX