Monday, May 24, 2010

forwarded emails

1. REMOVE all e-mail addresses that were forwarded or sent to you on the message. Use the delete key, or the editing functions on your e-mail program after you hit the Forward key.

2. DO NOT use the "TO" field to send the mail on. USE the "BC" or "BCC" field. This means "Blind Copy" or "Blind Carbon Copy". It will list only the name of each individual receiver on the e-mail. NOBODY ELSE'S e-mail address will be shown. TO USE BCC: Simply click "BCC" instead of "TO". It works just the same. If you add names from your address book, just add them to the "BCC" field instead of the "TO" field. As an added bonus of using this feature, your e-mail message won't have all those addresses at the beginning.