Thursday, October 09, 2008

Checks and money orders no longer allowed

What's changing with payments on eBay?
Beginning in late October 2008, checks and money orders will no longer be allowed as payment methods on eBay. All items appearing on must be paid for using either:

* PayPal (funded by PayPal account balance, credit card, debit card, bank account, PayPal Pay Later, PayPal Buyer Credit or eBay gift certificate)
* Credit or debit card payment to a seller (through a seller's Internet merchant account)
* ProPay
* Payment upon pickup


Paypal requirement is fascism at its best and a stab at monpolizing such as they can do- how can they outlaw MONEY- "Good for all debts public & private" now money is not valid, seems like the US Gov't & President Bush (he aint doing nothing for the next few months anyway) should get involved as this is not a free market economy & they are refusing to take US $$ which the US is printing up faster then they can run the presses. I think its like the song Tammy Wynette sang, "Divorce became final today" I've had it with all the fees and requirements forced on me by eBay........... I'm done !