Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spam Problem - Help -

I am getting tons of spam. Is there a way to delete it before I download it to my mail program ?
Thank you, Jim B.

Email Remover can save you the trouble of downloading unwanted email. It connects to your ISP and retrieves mail header information (sender, subject, date, etc.), letting you pick mail you don't want to receive and deleting it from the mail server. It will optionally run your regular email client when it's done so that you can transfer and read the mail you do want. Email Remover is a handy little spam blocker in the never-ending battle against spam -- and it's free!.
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Another Remover that I use myself is "G-Lock SpamCombat"
This program may be overkill for some but I get hundreds of spam emails every day and it is a real time saver. Download it from:

If you need a free email account and spam filter combined get a G-Mail account for free. The spam filter works almost flawlessly. Give it a try at:

I hope this helps with your spam problem that we all have.