Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ComCast Email (not)

Another half hour was spent listening mostly to elevator music this morning. I spent one hour two weeks ago also. My problem is with my mail being blocked to any ComCast customer. Comcast bounces my mail back as soon as I send it because their spam filter flags my emails as spam. Why ? I do not have a clue and neither do they. This problem appeared about four or five months ago and still comcast can not seem to fix it or even tell me why it is flagging my emails as spam. Gee, I can't even email my wife unless I use G-Mail. Comcast tells me they will call me back in three days but it seems they have a different calendar than mine as three days never seems to come. I wait a week then call them back and it is the same answer, "we will send this to another department and they will call you back". I worked 27 years for a company that told me from day one "we only sell service and when we stop giving service we are out of business". ComCast should adhere to this phase or they will nolonger have a business to call you back.People will finally stop using the ComCast service if it dose not improve. It is my advice to have a back-up email service and a good one is Gmail, try it you'll like it.
Update (a week later)
ComCast emailed me at all of my email accounts (3 total) and told me someone was sending Spam from my accounts. They gave me another outgoing port and also told me to run a virus scan to remove the virus that was sending the spam out. No virus was found on any of my computers, 7 total. I changed the port and for the last two days my mail is going out as it should. (knock on wood)