Thursday, October 04, 2007

Real Audio won't play - but now it will

I have a Web Page that has Real Audio files for you to listen to. I found after trying to play these files with my new computer that uses Vista for the operating system, no player would play them. Off to google to search for a player. One was found that was supposed to play anything. It is called "VideoLAN - VLC media player free for the taking and highly recommended. I downloaded the program and installed it. It is a very nice player for about any audio or video file, that is except Real Audio (RA). I remembered in my collection of software I had a very old copy of Real Audio hiding out in my closet. I dug it out but it was on floppy. Big problem, new computers do not have floppy drives any longer. Rather than trying to convert the floppy to CD I remembered a Web Page that I have used many times in the past called "". I used their search engine to locate Real Audio and up came about six old versions. I picked the oldest one hoping it would run OK on Vista. The download finished, then came the install, I ran the program then loaded the RA files and 1 2 3 pouf it played perfect. You say why didn't you just go to Real Audio's Web page to download it from there as it is free? I do not like all the extra bells and whistles that come with the new one. I only want to play RA files and not anything else with this player. So now I'm happy that indeed it will work with Vista. Old sometimes is much better. Do you like 50 & 60s music ? I think Its better too.