Friday, January 06, 2006

Paint Shop Pro X

Santa missed my house I guess but you know today a truck pulled in the drive and delivered a late Christmas gift. It was a piece of software that I have been using almost ever sense I have had a computer. It is called Paint Shop Pro and I started with version 3.0. It was shareware (try before you buy) with a nag screen that claimed you had 30 days to try it, but as I and thousands of others found, It never quit after the 30 day time limit expired. You ask, "What dose this great program do anyway"? I'm here to tell you it is one of the most used graphic editors of all time. The craze for digital cameras now makes it even more useful. I use it to edit, resize, enhance, remove people and objects, ad people, and on and on. You say, I thought Photo Shop was the best, you'd be correct. But it is overkill for 99% of most people and at a price tag of about $400 you won't need it to do the everyday editing. Paint Shop Pro X (10) sells for about $100.00. Here is the deal, I'm going to tell you a secret hiding place for the non-expiring version 3 of PSP. It will come zipped, so you will have to unzip the files before you can install it, a simple chore if your running XP. Windows 9x users will have to have winzip to extract the files. If you have never unziped a program its time you learned. Have your kids show you how. The learning curve is not to bad, just load up an old photo and experiment with the different tools. Version X is much more intence, so I have a few things to learn about the extra features version X offers over V 7.1 I was using before. I'll let you know how I do later on. Get the free version 3.0 here:

Use it for awhile to get the feel of it, then after you think you can't do without it, buy version X.

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