Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I just hapend to think

I just hapend to think, I guess the Career Center (Voc School) will have a hard time maintaining the tower if the REMC desides to vacate the tower. I think the big user of the tower is the Christian radio station brodcasting at 88.1 FM. Too bad the RCRA Ham radio group lost access on the tower as high places are hard to find around Ripley County. RCRA give away the thousands of dollars worth of feedline to REMC and now they will have an almost impossible job of acquiring new if they need it at a new location. May be the REMC will consider giving it back. May be the Career Center will forfeit the $1000 / month fee for the nonprofit Ham Radio club that do so much public service work in times of disaster and also when regular communications are disrupted or nonexistent. Think it over Career Center.

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