Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hoo Ray ! for HP

I have a very low end notebook (lap-top) computer that I just plane wore out the touch pad. It was ten months old when I noticed the left mouse button was not working. I knew it had a one year warranty, so I called HP and after speaking to Bombay for some time I was transferred to a nice fellow that spoke very understandable English. I told him it was a hardware problem, but he said I had to load the driver again anyway. I downloaded the driver then did the install. I told him I had rebooted the machine, he said now will it work, I said no. He said boy it must be a hardware problem you are going to have to send it in for repair. The Fed-X truck pulled in Monday and off it went to California. To make a short story out of this, it is Thursday and I am typing this entry on the HP notebook and it is working perfect. I must say very good service.

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