Friday, January 20, 2006

eBay - I love it

A friend asked, "is eBay safe"? here in a nut shell was my reply. A great many of us do the eBay thing, a lot of us don't because you have a foebea and think it is unsafe. Here is my take on eBay, I love to shop or look at things I don't have and might want to have, (did that make sense?) If I go out of the house I might trip on the porch step, I could slip on the ice on the car port, I may get hit by an oncoming car while backing out of my drive. The waiter where I eat lunch may spill hot coffee in my lap, my car may burst into flames while buying gas at the station, the clerk at the mall may copy my information from my credit card, and yes my car cold be stolen while I'm in the mall. Will all this lurking dangers keep you/I from shopping at the mall, no I think not, Why ? It is because you have learned to watch out for these possible hazards and never give it a second thought. The above risks and many more are with us through out the day, we have learned to be careful but continue on. eBay is the same, all kinds of bad things could happen, but if you are careful they won't. I have found that buying and selling on eBay is very safe, email is the dangerous part, but if you back onto the highway in front of an oncoming car you may get hit. With email, if you open unknown attachments your computer will acquire a virus sooner or later. If you click on a link embedded in the text you are going to open the door to a spoof or key logger. Many of these fake emails contain a keystroke virus. If you clicked on any of the links in the email, you may have exposed your computer to this virus. eBay knows that there are scammers that send out the phishing emails so to stop this bogus act they also put any email they send you on your my eBay page. If its not there they did not send it to you. eBay is fun and can be profitable if you want to clean out the basement. It is just like going to the mall you have to watch out for the dangers of everyday life. Always use PayPal, this act puts a big safe guard into the outcome also.

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