Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More Radio Scanner

I have coded a page to make it a breeze to hear the
Versailles Radio Scanner. Just click HERE and you
will be directed to the Scanner splash page. If you
are using IE for your browser you are only one click
away. If you are using Firefox it is a few extra clicks.
If you have the IE Tab - extension that was in the
last Blog post you are still one click away. The new
Versailles Scanner page is:

I have been typing out the complete URL because
of the AOL and CS users. Someone emailed & told
me I do not need to do this as AOL has changed their
goofy browser to except clickable links. Can some-
one tell me if this is true. Can you AOL users tell
me if the scanner works in the AOL browser.

I go back to the hospital on the 29th (Thursday) to
get a stint removed. The Doc tells me it won't hurt
(much) but he will be going in from my bottom front
end. It ain't going to be pretty, so if you hear a load
scream Thursday you will know its me.

At any rate I'm sure this Blog will suffer when I get
back to normal health. It has been a big time killer
for me while I was shut in. I was never a book reader
but I have read two books and one great e-book
"The Art of Deception, Controlling the human
element of security" By Kevin Mitnick
This is a great book for anyone that is the owner of a
small or large company. Keven is one of the most famous
hackers of all time. If you are worried about security,
you will like what he tells you. You can download it
here: http://www.hackemate.com.ar/textos/taod/

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