Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dump your browser’s cache (Again)

I do a page for Stratton - Karsteter Funeral Home and it changes with each new obituary. I receive complaints quite often that the new postings do not appear. This is caused by your browser’s cache being full. You should clear (delete) these files that are stored there if your pages are not displaying the latest postings. The first thing to try is click the refresh icon located on the tool bar. Hitting F-5 will sometimes do the refresh also. If either of these do not work………….> Here is how you fix it:

Clearing Cache on Internet Explorer

Instructions on how to clear the History/Cache in Internet Explorer 4.0 and above on a PC.

1. Select "Internet Options" under the "View" or "Tools" option (depending on the version you are running) on the toolbar.
2. Under the "General" folder under "Internet Options", there is a section called "History". Change the "Days to keep pages in History:" to 0 and click the "Clear History" button.
3. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the "Internet Options" box, then click "OK"
4. To double check that everything is cleared, click the "History" button on the web browser toolbar - it should be empty. Also, click the arrow on the right of the URL Address box - it should be empty as well.

Clearing Cache on Firefox

1. Click Tools and select Options on the Firefox menu bar.
2. Click the Privacy Icon on the Option menu bar to open the Privacy Properties.
3. Click Clear across from the Cache option.
4. Click Ok to return to the browser main page.
5. Exit and re-launch the browser.

How To Clear Your AOL 9.0 Browser Cache

From the horizontal toolbar at the top of your screen, click on: Settings
A box appears called "Settings: Essentials".
Click on Internet [Web] Options - this will launch a window called "AOL Internet Properties".
Click on the 'General' tab.
Under 'Temporary Internet Files', click on the "Settings" button.
On the 'Settings' page, make sure "Every visit to the page" is Selected.
Click OK.
When you return to the 'General' tab, click on "Delete Files" to clear the cache.
Click OK.

You need to perform this cache cleaning about once a month or if you notice pages are displaying old content.

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