Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Look'in out my back door #2 (not CCR)

Its a nice snowy cool (28 deg) morning here in Versailles. The light snow is covering the old that was becoming a little dirty. I spent a few minutes talking with ham radio friends and gathering all the local gossip. I also have been listening to the scanner radio. The state and county are getting the snow plows ready for the slick becoming roads. My old Blog may become a thing of the past soon if my Web host doesn't get it fixed so I can upload. This means I must correct the links directing your browser to this Blog. I would like to merge the two togeather but have not figured out just how to do that as of yet, may be never. As some of you know I have had a kidney stone blasted to fragments with a laser. I have a stint inside and it won't be removed till the 29th of December. Hopefully about a week latter I will be back to normal. Until then I will be looking out the window a lot. I just heard the State Police say Highway 50 West of Versailles was becoming snow covered and very slick, but the Interstate (I-74) was clear so far. This rambling has just been a test file to see how the new blog is working. You may send questions, comments, or photos to me to be posted here if you like and don't forget you can still read the archives from the old Blog at:
Have a great day and stay warm if you live in the mid-west..........


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