Thursday, December 15, 2005

I think I got it

After a few hours of experimentation, try this, try that, delete this, delete that, and on and on. I have this Blog looking and acting the way I want it. The archives from the old blog was the harest thing to be added and held in the side bar. I have decided to keep the Blog at this new location as it seems like a slightly faster server and it is not taking up any storage on my server (that I pay for). So please delete the old Blog bookmark and create a new bookmark here. How do I bookmark ? Just right click on this page anywhere there is no print and select "Bookmark this page". This Blog was created more than one year ago, sense then many people have sent questions, comments, and photos. I have enjoyed posting to this goofy thing alot. I just hope a few people enjoy reading my ramblings also. A great deal of work and lots of time goes into any type of page being it Blog, Web Page, FTP site, or what have you. You never finish and there are always new ideas to try, some work out and are added, some don't and are deleted never to return. I have a favorite quote that states "the more you know - the more you know you don't know". This is a very true statement.
Send your questions, comments, & photos to You can also sign my guest book at the right on the side bar. Thanks for reading this Blog !


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