Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Malwarebytes Its the best

I was editing a customers web page tonight and a thing happened that I had never seen before. I had copied and pasted from an email the customer sent into a web editer, I looked it over after the pasting process and it all looked good. I saved it and FTPed it to the web sever. I opened the web browser and typed in the address of the hosting server. Up the page came but there was two places that were underlinded. This told me these were links to other pages on the net. I did not click these links fearing a virus or spy ware. I looked at the page on another computer and there was no links, this tells me there is Malware on the other machine. I did a scan with Microsoft Security Essentials but it found nothing. Next I downloaded Malwarebytes.from C/net
I installed the program, this took about five minutes, it updated at the end of the install OK. I then ran the quick scan and it found to my surprise twenty-three pieces of problem files. I clicked remove, then restart. After the restart I navigated to the customers web page. The links were gone. Problems fixed. This program MalwareBites is one of the best. I have it on a few of my other computers and have fixed many problems in the past with it. You can set it to run a scan automatically and I would advise you to do this at the very least once a week. ...... Jack