Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What a day !

Today was a total disaster beginning with my wife's church sending her 5 music files in I-Tunes format. They played fine on her computer but she wanted them to play in her car. I loaded a recording program and played the 5 songs, then saved them to .WAV format. I them burned them to CD in music format. All of the rig-a-marow took about two hours. I gave her the CD, but about one hour later she handed it back. It was way over driven and sounded awful. I have not a clue why, I have did this many times before with success. I told her to call or email the church to send them in MP3 format next time.

Then I was emailed a photo and was told to put a Logo and some printing under it. I found the logo with Google images with no problem. I had to down size it to have the correct size. I loaded the photo with a graphics editor and pasted the logo in the bottom left, entered the text in pretty white, It looked grate. I burnt the picture to CD in JPG format and took it to the drugstore to have it printed. The machine at the drugstore could not read the CD. Back home I popped the CD in the drive and up it came, not a problem with the CD. I then went to CVS's photo web page and up-loaded the photo. I paid the fee with my credit card and in about an hour I received an email stating my photos were ready for pick up. Off to CVS I went, but I failed to look at the prints. You guessed it they cropped off half of the logo and printing. I will try to get a refund in the morning. I had to get them printed by tomorrow to deliver to the customer so I fired up the color laser printer and printed 4 5x7 and 4 8x10s. They came out grate on matt paper. I cut them on the cutting board and they are laying on the table ready for delivery in the morning. I hate to use my color printer and high dollar ink and paper but I could see no other way to make the deadline.

I was watching TV and just got into a good movie and the power went off.