Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"off center fed dipole"

Today I was testing an "off center fed dipole" antenna, some call it a Windom. What ever you call it it is a good compromise multa-band antenna. You will need a little room to string it up as it is 133 foot overall. I hung it from a tower at 30 foot and to a tree on the other end. The antenna had an swr of less than 2 to 1 on all bands 75 through 10 except 15 meters. I worked France on 75 meters running 20 watts. 40 meters was the best swr reading at 1.3 The antenna worked better for DX on 75 than my full size loop. It did not work as well on 40 as my full size 1/4 wave vertical, but this was expected. If you don't have the room for lots of antennas or just want to get on the air to work all the bands at a reasonable investment this antenna may be for you........... I like it, Jack WB9OTX