Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Today -Sept. 06,2011

I'm sure you've heard it before "If you don't like the weather in Indiana, Set on a rock for five minutes and it will change". This is so true as it was over 100 degrees only a week ago, but this morning it is 56 as I type this. Pumpkin show usually bring jacket weather and the Friendship Shoot brings rain. What will the weather be this year ? Your guess is as good as mine. After looking at the grass in the front yard I'm thinking I may only have to cut it one more time this year. With the price of gasoline I have my fingers crossed. There is an ol' saying,"Fish bite the least when the wind is out of the East". This was proven wrong as Shawn Halcomb landed a very large bass over the week end. See the video of the catch here
The NASCAR race at Atlanta was rained out but will be run today at 11am, I guess I'll have to watch it, that is if the phone doesn't ring with work for me. I watched a movie yesterday and a quote from it caught my attention, "You cant stop what's coming", this is a fact and I think it has now come. No history today, Enjoy the day..........Jack