Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Today I looked over the past few days of Blog postings and find it contains mostly posting of history. I do love history but I think I have went slightly overboard with it. So today and from now on I will try to focus on a mixture of past and present. I lost a lot of sleep last night listening to the police scanner. The cops have narralded the search down to a location near Milan. At 9am this morning one escapee is still at large from the jail break Sunday morning. A very nice article appeared in the Versailles Republican newspaper about my adventures with moon bounce. This article came after one published two weeks ago in the Batesville Herald. Both reports were very flattering to me. As of today I have worked 55 plus stations on every continent except Oceanic . As soon as I work New Zealand or Australia I will have "Worked all Continents" (WAC Award). Very few have obtained this award on the 144 Mhz. (2 meter) band. See my EME log here.
Another Ham Radio thing I'm doing is a mode called WSJT65HF. Unlike moon bounce on 144 Mhz. WSJT65HF uses 1.5 to 28 Mhz. This is a very weak signal mode (QRP) and I only use 5 watts of power. This is less power than it takes to light your car's single tail light.I have worked about 50 countries in all parts of the world. This is a fairly new mode and is gaining popularity every day as new stations come on with it. With Labor day today it signals the end of Summer to me. Spring brought rain almost every day, but Summer has been very hot with temperatures of over 100 and very dry. Cooler temperatures are forecast this next week though. I am looking forward to marching in the Pumpkin Show Parade with my original Army uniform. "It still fits". See it here:
This is a lazy day and I will be napping after loosing the sleep last night, I'm on break ........ Have a nice day, Jack