Tuesday, September 13, 2011

happy bithday to me !

The big news today is a big happy bithday to me ! 66 today.
I received a nice home made card and photo from my grand daughter. I will go to the local pub this afternoon for my birthday beer and a kiss on the cheek (I hope it is a bar main working today). I worked two moon bounce stations last night, one from Oklahoma and one from Russia. Conditions are poor but I will try again tonight. I added a few more QSL EME cards to my online EME log page. See them here. I took a few photos of the lot where they are building the new Courthouse Anex (or what ever they are calling it). I will post them on the Net soon. It is a bright sunny day with a nice 7MPH breeze from the South West, a perfect Fall day. The Friendship Shoot is going on this week and Versailles Pumpkin Show is in two weeks. I hope the weather will hold for these events. Work is slow for my computer business, I hope it picks up so I can buy more toys. Lunch time now, ....... Jack