Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today 9-10-11

A busy day has already started for me. A trip to Milan for the RCARC Ham Radio breakfast at 8:30am, Had to pick up a radio and deliver a hardline connector there. Back home at 9:30, put the camera on charge for taking photos at Cliff Hill for the Cpl. Bishop memorial that starts at 11:00. I took a look on 15 meter ham band but nothing coming threw yet switched to 20 mtrs and the band is open. I looked for a few periods with the JT65HF mode but seen no new countries I needed. The VHF contest starts at 2pm today but the moon rise for me is not till 8:30pm. I will give a few calls on 2 mtr. sideband but I will concentrate on moonbounce tonight. The Friendship Shoot starts today and will last all week. I will try to at least make it there one day. I received a very nice email from a long time friend Ham Don Faris complimenting me on the things I have done with Ham Radio, Thank you so much Don......... There are loads of County and State Police on the roads today, I guess it is because of the 10 year 911 thing, Don't speed today. More later....... Jack
Now off to the BA for a cup of coffee.
Back from taking the photos of the Memorial for Cpl. John C Bishop - I have posted them HERE