Thursday, December 09, 2010

My video won't play

Several people have complained that the videos on YouTube stop playing then star-up again. This is not the fault of your computer, but a faster newer computer may help somewhat. The problems lye on the server where the video is stored and your internet provider. It may be the fault of your WiFi (wireless) system also. If you have a computer that connects to your modem or router with a CAT-5 wire you will get a faster download rate compared to your laptop over WiFi. The best solution to this problem is when the video stops playing click the pause button at the bottom of the video. Then wait. When the usually red line passes the triangle somewhat click the play button. This process will buffer or load the video ahead of what is playing. This is the only solution unless you want to pay for a faster connection. With the increased demand on servers and provides we are just stuck. Get use to it as I don't see it improving in the near future, at least till they run fiber optics to your home. Just remember when you were on dial-up compared to broadband.