Monday, December 13, 2010

Higgins boat 20,000 built

The Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP) or Higgins boat was a landing craft used extensively in World War II, one example of which is the Normandy invasion. The craft was designed by Andrew Higgins of Louisiana, United States based on boats made for operating in swamps and marshes. More than 20,000 were built, by Higgins Industries and licensees.

In researching my brothers Normandy landing, one of the interesting things found was this boat manufactured by Higgins. Without this specialized landing craft the placement of troops would have been much worse. My brother, Jim, made it off a boat like this and beyond the beach. He was killed the next day by a grenade fired by a German rifle. Delford Cox from Holton was on the same boat and survived the war. Both hero in my eyes. ........ Jack