Sunday, August 05, 2007

Troy Hooton Versailles Video

On a hot 90 degree plus day I stayed in and let the air conditioner blow watching the Nascar race and making a video that I have been wanting to produce for a few months. I'm not a cry baby but I want you to know when you view this video that it took 10 solid hours to get it so you could watch it. I made a few mistakes as I went along that I won't make on the next. You do learn from your mistakes. This project started with Troy Hooton's movie camera. It was color and this was rare in the early fifties, he was ahead of his time a little. In time the movie film was transferred to VHS by a company in Columbus Indiana. DVD players were not yet in every home. A few years passed and I was hired to convert the VHS tapes to DVD. I loved the movie so much that if I was allowed to keep a copy there would be no charge. Sense then I have made several copies of my master for friends. I now have digitized it for computers and uploaded segments to You Tube. I only took five minutes worth from the nearly one hour original for You Tube. I wish you could see the complete movie. Shoot you can, just stop by my home and I'll pop her in the player for you. In the mean time the You Tube version will have to do. You should have broadband to view it, but if you don't, next time at a friend's house that has broadband punch it up and watch it from there. Only five minutes of video but I'm sure you will like it. See it here:
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