Friday, November 28, 2014

Nobody knows Morse Code do they

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It started out with a old ID-O-Matic that I was using to key CW into my beacon transmitter. This unit went crazy and could not be repaired. I found that the ID-O-Matic was out of production, so what now. I needed a memory keyer that would repeat what was programmed in memory. A question was posted to a propagation beacon forum and in short time the answer came. It was the Ultra PicoKeyer. An order was placed and in just a few days it arrived. It comes in kit form, but it only took me 1/2 hour to complete the asimally. It took longer to program the beacon message into it than it did to build it. This was a deal that you must read and follow the directions to the letter. It is ready to go on the air just as soon as I can find a battery  holder for 2 AA cells. If you have a transmitter that has no built in keyer you may find the Ultra PicoKeyer is for you. It also serves as a very good code trainer. See the web page here.