Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yep, Ham Radio is fun

Perth - click to enlarge
At 8:30am this morning I checked into the Indiana Traffic Net on 75 meters.
At 9:00am I talked to a station near Detroit Mich. on 2 meter ssb and a station 50 miles East of Cincinitti also using ssb.
I just put up a 10 element Yagi beam antenna for 2 meters and it is working great.
After that I seen a station calling CQ on 40 meters with the digital mode JT9. I gave him a call using only 10 watts of power and contact was made. The station was in Perth Australia. Perth is almost 12,000 miles from Indiana. This is a fantastic achievement with this low of power on 40 meters - (just so you belt clippers know.)
Then on the local scene a nice FM simplex QSO on 2 meters was had with my good friend Sam at New Marion, Indiana.
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All and all a short distance to a long DX contact was had this morning. Fun, but now I have to get to work my wife tells me. I could only say "Yes Dear".
................. Jack WB9OTX.